Teen Tasered in neck by police officer speaks out


Rolando Ruiz, 18, has made national news this week after filing a lawsuit against Minneapolis after a police officer was caught on tape Tasering him in the neck while he had his hands on the squad car. Ruiz spoke out publicly for the first time Wednesday about the incident. WCCO got the local interview.

Ruiz was arrested by Minneapolis police after he allegedly smashed an officer's car hood and windshield. He is suing the city for civil rights violations.

From WCCO:

"You were never resisting?," Lowe asked.

"Never. I didn't even move," Ruiz said, adding, "I didn't get a chance to say anything. He tased me in the back of my neck. I was falling. He kept it pinned against my back and pinned himself down against me with his knee on my back and hand against the car, almost like he was punishing me."

Watch the interview and the police tape here.