Teen sentenced to 90 days in jail for plot to murder man, cut out his heart


Woodbury teenager and heart transplant patient Andrew Busskohl was sentenced Monday for a frightening murder plot to kill a stranger and cut out his heart. We're talking about some major psychological issues going on here.

Busskohl, 19, was sentenced to three months in jail and has to undergo psychological counseling to see if he is likely to commit a similar crime.

The teen threatened to kill Woodbury resident Jim Fratto during his sleep. He then planned to cut out his heart and eyelids.

More from the Star Tribune:

Attorneys for Busskohl, 19, told Washington County District Judge Elizabeth Martin that their client hadn't been treated psychologically after undergoing a heart transplant at 14. "As a result of that Mr. Busskohl had some very bizarre thoughts that he acted on," said attorney John Lucas. "It's hard for him to explain where these thoughts came from, but they're not there anymore."

Busskohl broke Fratto's patio window early on Aug. 6, intending to fulfill his murder plot, but never entered the house. Police searched his home and vehicle, where they found a backpack with a swimming cap, heavy latex gloves, scrubs, gauze and Fratto's address along with a map to his house. Also in the backpack were shoe covers, a small pry bar, black mask, two bags, a knife and flashlights, as well as tweezers, scissors and a scalpel.