Teen refusing chemo heading for Mexico, officials believe

Police have been unable to track down 13-year-old Daniel Hauser and his mother after they skipped a court hearing about the boy's cancer. Daniel has been ordered by the courts to undergo chemotherapy for his Hodgkin's lymphoma after his family opted for alternative treatments.

There is currently an arrest warrant out for his mother, Colleen, and Daniel is on the Missing and Exploited Children network as the search goes nationwide.

Officials said Daniel and his mom were last seen in the Los Angeles area and are likely heading to Mexico or have already crossed the border.

More from the Pioneer Press:

The Brown County Sheriff's Department in New Ulm, Minn., reported that Daniel and his mother, Colleen, were "last seen" in the Los Angeles area Tuesday morning. They are likely traveling through San Diego and into Mexico, authorities believe, and it is possible they are already there.

The sheriff's office notified the public in order to "act quickly on the timely information and because we are concerned for the welfare of Daniel Hauser." A doctor in Daniel's hometown of Sleepy Eye, Minn., examined the teen Monday and reported that his cancer, a form of Hodgkin's lymphoma, is getting worse.