Teen fight club investigated in Monticello


After one 16-year-old boy ended up in a Monticello emergency room with a battered face and bruises, Wright County authorities began looking into reports of an underground fight club among local high schoolers, according to a report in the Star Tribune.

At least a dozen teenagers were said to be involved in the club, in which combatants whack on one another for the sheer sport of it. At least one of the fights was posted briefly on YouTube before it was taken down. A sheriff's investigator has interviewed several of the teenagers and will file a report with the county attorney next week, though one sheriff's deputy says it can often be hard to charge people for consensually beating each other up. "We just want to put a stop to it before somebody is severely injured," the deputy said.

A local school official says a handful of 10th graders were involved in the fighting, and the schools are using the episode as a "teachable moment." Maybe after a good talking to, the kids can find a more acceptable outlet for their energy--like a Street Fighter video game.