Teen doing handstand on Mall of America 2nd-floor railing falls to first floor, survives

Teen doing handstand on Mall of America 2nd-floor railing falls to first floor, survives

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A 17-year-old somehow escaped serious injury after plunging from the Mall of America's second floor to the first just after 2:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Witnesses reported that the teen was doing a handstand on a railing before falling, according to information from MOA officials.

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Sgt. Tom Williams, a Bloomington police officer since 1986, tells us he's not aware of anybody else falling from a railing during the MOA's 22-year history. A man sitting on a handrail did fall two stories to his death back in 2003, however.

Here's the entirety of a statement sent to us by the Bloomington PD:

On Saturday, June 28 at 2:33 PM, Bloomington Police assisted Mall of America Security and came to the aid of a 17 year-old Minneapolis resident who had fallen from the second floor balcony, landing on the first floor, near 162 North Garden at MOA. Witnesses reported that the 17 year-old was doing a hand stand on the railing for the second floor walkway when he lost his balance and fell to the first floor.

The 17 year-old was transported to a local hospital by ambulance. His injuries do not appear to be serious.

Mall officials didn't immediately return messages seeking comment, but in the Pioneer Press, MOA spokesman Dan Jasper is quoted as saying the fall, which happened near the Foot Locker nearby Sears, was "apparently the result of horseplay." He said the teen had no signs of visible injury.

The Strib, citing law enforcement, reports that the teen was at the mall with his parents, but they weren't in the immediate vicinity when their son attempted his fateful handstand. Though the Minneapolis teen apparently emerged from the mishap mostly unscathed, his parents requested he be transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

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