Teddy Bridgewater ruins Chargers player's whole weekend with nasty juke move [VIDEO]


Teddy Bridgewater is back on the field after an extended rest for his sore throwing shoulder. 

Early on in the Vikings' final preseason game, it was Teddy's legs that required attention. They seem good.

On one play midway through the first quarter, the pocket collapsed around the Vikings' second-year quarterback. The San Diego Chargers appeared to have him in trouble. 

Instead, Bridgewater took off up the middle running into open space and approaching Chargers safety Adrian Phillips. What happened next will be a thrilling, encouraging moment for fans of the Vikings, or Bridgewater. (Can you even imagine how well this went over at the "Hey Teddy" kid's house?) 

Meanwhile, the family of Adrian Phillips should begin contacting an attorney, and explore their options on forcing the NFL to destroy this footage.



The long run led to a field goal, the Vikings' second, and after one quarter they led 6-0 on the scoreboard and 1-0 on plays that make everyone go "Ohhhhh."

Adrian Phillips is the only guy in America looking forward to Monday.