Team Pawlenty hammers "pain in the ass" Bachmann, Part 2

Not so happy together.

Not so happy together.

On the record, Tim Pawlenty's people say everything's hunky dory with fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann, even though she leads him in most GOP presidential polls despite his carefully planned assault on the White House.

"Any suggestion that this isn't a good relationship built on mutual respect is flat wrong," Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant tells Politico.

"This is really a referendum on Barack Obama," Bachmann tells Fox News.

Bunk. It's time for some political smash mouth. T-Paw's allies are yet again calling her "a pain in the ass," and say Pawlenty wants to "rip her lungs out."


"She's sure a pain in the ass," one Pawlenty insider said. "Three months ago we were hoping Michele was just a flash in the pan so, no doubt, we've had to sober up around the possibility that she could get in and beat him...Certainly it's a blow to the gut."

Pawlenty's pain in the ass.

Pawlenty's pain in the ass.

Here's a former education department official during the Pawlenty administration:

"We actually kept her at arms' length because if you're dealing with a bomb thrower, it was very precarious building this coalition of folks and earning the trust of the public."

Former state House Speaker Steve Sviggum, a Pawlenty backer, went on the record:

"A team player Michele Bachmann is not," he says. "Even though the ball's being moved ahead in the direction that she would like to go, if it's not the Hail Mary pass all the way down the field it's not good enough. I have a hard time with those people who want to all or nothing in life because, usually, they end up getting nothing."

More insanity:

Wanting to rip the lungs out of a pain-in-the-ass bomb thrower is hardly the mark of a good relationship. And Pawlenty better remember this: God's on Bachmann's side.

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