Teabaggers: A day in the life


If you weren't teabagging someone yesterday, you're probably missing out on something that is sweeping the nation. Teabaggers congregated at so-called "tea parties" Wednesday, also known as Tax Day, to protest President Obama's tax policies, the bailouts, and anything else they didn't really like about America right now.

Think Obama is a fascist? Join us! Saw the rally cry on Fox News? Come on down! Just open wide and... well nevermind.

Here's a roundup of all things teabagged.

National numbers were hard to estimate, but FiveThirtyEight put it at more than 250,000 based on numbers from officials. Nate Silver looked at the most credible numbers available and estimated 2,000 protesters in St. Paul, 600 in Duluth, 450 in St. Cloud, and 200 in Mankato.

Check out full reports from the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and Minnesota Public Radio.

And a Kare11 report:


For some more personal accounts of the action, check out True North, Politics in Minnesota, and Power Line. There are photos at Minnesota Independent. MinnPost also analyzes the coverage of the tea parties compared to previous protests in Minnesota.

Power Line also has a video of the event:

While we ripped on a segment of CNN coverage that was particularly embarrassing, Fox News was also a major tea party culprit. They continued to "pretend" to be covering the parties while so clearly endorsing them it was shameful. Please remove the "fair and balanced" slogan ASAP. Media Matters collected examples of the terribly biased coverage.

Did you think Jon Stewart could resist? No way.

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Did you teabag on Tax Day? Are you surprised/disappointed in the turn out?