Tea Party leader: "I don't hate Obama because he's black. I hate him because he's red"

Whittle (pictured) thinks Obama's true color is Soviet red.
Whittle (pictured) thinks Obama's true color is Soviet red.

Bill Whittle, the self-proclaimed "virtual president" of the Tea Party movement, was invited up to Bemidji by the Northern Minnesota Tea Party Patriots to give a speech Saturday.

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If the roughly 100 attendees at a convention of the MNGOP's 7th Congressional District expected Whittle to provide sober criticism of the Democratic Party's platform, they were at the wrong speech. Instead, they were treated to rhetorical flourishes of this sort: "Their entire philosophy is going to burn to ashes in front of our eyes," Whittle, speaking of Democrats, said.

But Whittle's most jaw-dropping remark came in response to an attendee's characterization of President Obama as a Marxist. From Justin Glawe's report for the Bemidji Pioneer (emphasis mine):

The Constitution, private enterprise and self-education are all incredibly important to Whittle, as made evident by his remarks Saturday. If shades of gray do exist in solving America's problems, they may not be easily found. Well before one member of the audience made known his belief that President Barack Obama is a Marxist, Whittle addressed the lack of those intermediary tones -- there is only black, white and red.

"I don't hate Obama because he's black," Whittle said, fighting back against charges of racism among members of the tea party levied by many on the left. "I hate him because he's red. He's a Communist."

Apparently Whittle wasn't paying attention to the news last week as the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached an all-time high. That certainly isn't something you'd expect to happen in a country allegedly making the transition under Obama's stewardship from socialism to Lenin-style Communism.

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