TD Mischke's radio show coming to


City Pages, the Twin Cities' award-winning alternative news and arts weekly, welcomes TD Mischke as host of a webcast streaming live 2-4 p.m. weekdays on starting March 4th.

Mischke is well known locally as the host of "The Mischke Broadcast," a long-running radio program on AM 1500. A seasoned vet with 20 years of experience, Mischke says he's looking forward to trying new things.

"I've stumbled upon a whole different kind of energy over at City Pages," Mischke says. "The people are young, passionate, bright and full of a kind of fire that will be fun to feed off of."

Along with the daily web broadcast, Mischke will screen original videos on and publish a weekly column in the paper. The show will also be archived as a podcast.

City Pages Publisher Mark Bartel says the partnership presents a great opportunity.

"Tom is a unique talent, known for doing a very cool radio show," Bartel says. "We want to expand that talent over a multimedia platform."

Streaming a daily on-air broadcast is a new concept to the print media, but Editor Kevin Hoffman is optimistic that the show will fit right in.

"City Pages has always been about serving its audience, and Mischke gives us another medium to reach them," Hoffman says. "Since the Internet is not subject to FCC regulation the way broadcast radio is, we look forward to him pushing the envelope. If you want to hear what he's going to say with this newfound freedom, you'll have to tune in."