TCF Stadium shoveling video

Workers race to clear snow for Monday's Vikings game at TCF Stadium.

Workers race to clear snow for Monday's Vikings game at TCF Stadium.

About 150 workers -- most of them hired from temp agencies around the region -- shoveled diligently today in an attempt to prepare the University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium in time for Monday night's Vikings game.

"Snow tomorrow is going to hurt us a little bit," said Scott Ellison, the U's associate athletic director. "I would say there will be a game here."


The Metrodome is still deflated and repairs to the Teflon ceiling are not moving fast enough for Monday's game. Instead, the Vikings will face the Bears outside in the cold at TCF.

That is, of course, if the U can pull off the cleanup. The Gopher season ended weeks ago, so the U stadium was shut down and filled up with 17 inches of snow during the weekend blizzard. The Vikings are now footing the bill to empty it out again.

Ellison said the crews had cleared 17 sections on Wednesday and were on schedule to finish in time. NFL reps who visited the stadium were similarly pleased, he said, and will start thawing the field itself tomorrow. That may involve chemicals to melt the ice or heated tarps.

The U is still looking for more workers to help with the cleanup and are paying $10 an hour. That's some nice pre-holiday scratch according to several shovelers who showed up today.

"I'm a Packers fan," said Jeff Utecht. "I'm here because I need to provide my niece with Christmas presents."