TCF Stadium booze bill dries up in House

Dry as a bone for the time being

Dry as a bone for the time being

As far as the Minnesota House is concerned, it's booze for all or booze for none at TCF Bank Stadium. No special privileges for the well-heeled.

Minneapolis DFL Rep. Phyllis Khan's amendment to allow the University of Minnesota to serve alcohol in whatever way it sees fit at the stadium went down in a blowout, 111-18.

Khan called the sentiment behind the defeat "misguided populism."

A similar measure in the Senate, sponsored by Sandy Pappas, passed in April.

Last year, the Legislature told the university it could have a liquor license for its brand new stadium only if it allowed sales to everyone, not just patrons in exclusive club boxes.

The thinking behind this year's amendment was that the university had suffered under state higher education budget cuts and needed a way to help generate some revenue in other ways.

Between lost sales, as well as lost revenue from potential corporate clients backing out of ticket deals because they couldn't serve their clients booze, the university was out more than $1 million last year because of the "all or nothing" rule, Pappas told us earlier this year.