TCF Bank Stadium fires jerk guard who tried to fight field-rushing fans [VIDEO]

The guard in the pink jacket tried to fight... pretty much everyone.
The guard in the pink jacket tried to fight... pretty much everyone.

The University of Minnesota football team actually won a big game on Saturday, stealing a late win over a pretty decent University of Iowa team.

As the seconds counted down on the 22-21 comeback victory, Minnesota students, finally having something to celebrate about, rushed the field to join the team in its moment of glory.

Not everyone was so happy. One TCF Bank Stadium guard took it upon himself to stop the field-crashing kids. When that proved hopeless, he just started tripping and shoving anyone that came near him.

The guard's party-pooping behavior, as caught on videos since uploaded to Youtube, were so egregious that he's now been fired.

Any fan of football for a decent span of time has seen the (pretty cool) videos of cops and state troopers tackling streakers and attention hogs who run onto the field during a game. But there's a big difference between one twit interrupting the actual contest, and thousands of fans rushing the field after it, which is pretty standard fare in college athletics.

In fact, this guy's one-man-war on fun was so out of line that Contemporary Services Corporation, the security company that contracts with the U for event staffing, fired the tough-guy guard this week, according to KSTP.

U of M athletics director Joel Maturi told KSTP that even the guard was bummed out about what he'd done.

"The guard acted inappropriately, and he's disappointed by his actions," Maturi said.

City Pages is of two minds about this. Firstly, we hope this discourages CSC from bringing in guards who are either bloodthirsty or, perhaps, originally from Iowa City.

Secondly, looking at the guard's technique some of those forearm shivers... we wonder if he has a year of eligibility left? The Gophers could really use a ruthless hard-hitter like that in their secondary.

Here's video of the guard in action -- keep your eye on the man in the pink jacket.

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