TCF Bank Stadium booze sales brought in over $900,000, reduced police incidents

$7.25 beers make the U lots of money while making it hard for you to get drunk and rowdy.
$7.25 beers make the U lots of money while making it hard for you to get drunk and rowdy.
Image by Tatiana Craine

Booze sales at TCF Bank Stadium seem to have been a win-win both for the U of M's athletics department and for police.

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Not only did booze sales bring in nearly a million bucks, but the Gophers' 2012 home games -- the first where alcohol was served at the Bank -- had the fewest police enforcement incidents in years, if not ever.

According to a Minnesota Daily report, alcohol brought in more than $907,000 this season, though that figure doesn't account for expenses (a final report accounting for both income and expenses will be released soon). All profits go to the U of M's athletics department. In total, vendors sold between 12,000 and 13,000 cups of beer each game -- nearly double the 7,000 cups that were projected.

As far as police enforcement incidents go, there were 56 this season, down from 66 last year and the roughly 100 reported during 2010 games (numbers for 2009 -- the stadium's inaugural year -- weren't immediately available).

More about that from the Daily:

[University police Lieutenant Erik] Swanson said he thought a combination of factors led to the decrease.

In previous years, fans knew they couldn't drink inside the stadium, so they arrived at games already drunk.

This year, fans knew they could drink at the stadium and thus arrived in a better state, Swanson said.

The stadium's high prices may have also kept people from drinking too much alcohol, Swanson said -- beer and wine went for $7.25 each.

In other words, good thing $2 40s of Schlitz Bull Ice aren't sold at the Bank -- Edward Fortyhands and all hell would break loose.

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