Taxpayers League on stadium: "Well-organized theft"

We hate to give any virtual ink to the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, given that its starve-the-beast ideology has become one of the many hollow mantras for the 21st Century. But credit is due: The league has been consistently against public dollars going for private stadiums.

The "E update" that came to inboxes this morning points out the absurdity of Vikings owner Zygi Wilf's claim that the Anoka County stadium deal will bring all sorts of jobs to the north metro. Positing whether Anoka County has any "poor, unemployed or homeless," the missive points out that surely a new stadium would fix any of those problems.

"All the bells, whistles and urinal space in the world," the Taxpayers League concludes, "can't make up for the fact that any way you slice it, this plan is simply well-organized theft."

Another note on the stadium: Does anyone really believe that the state is going to pony up $115 million (charitable estimate) for the Vikes? Governor HockeyPuck has consistently witheld state money for such things, most notably a Twins stadium. Does he figure the Vikings constituency is more valuable--and worth playing off of--that of the Twins?

And this is to say nothing of the fact that Anoka County will require legislative approval to enact the sales tax without a voter referendum to pay for its portion of the stadium--a notion that has been swinging in the balance since a similarly financed Twins deal was unveiled this spring. Lawmakers are understandably queasy about setting such a precedent with either team.

In other words, keep those wrecking balls away from the Dome for now.

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