Tax Rebate Statement Now on the Web

The Hennepin County Web site now features tax information that property owners can print out and send in with their 1998 income tax form when applying for their twenty-percent property tax rebate from the State of Minnesota.

The recently upgraded Web page also offers complete information on property values, property descriptions, a tax summary for taxes payable this year, and other detailed property information.

The Web site address is

Find your property information by entering your partial or full property address, property identification number (PID), or legal description. If the property was homestead in 1998, you will find a yellow highlighted area to click on for rebate information. Attach this statement to the 1998 income tax form in place of the 1998 property tax statement. The Minnesota Income Tax instruction booklet includes detailed information about filing for the rebate.

Residents can get free access to the Internet at any of the Hennepin County libraries and tax preparers with Internet access will be able to print the form.

Questions about the property tax rebate, including issues of partial-year ownership transfers, payment dates, and other tax refunds, should be directed to the state at (651) 296-3781.

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