Taser subdues hammer-wielding vandal at Target store

A man uttering  "hammer, hammer, hammer," as he roamed through a Target store in Winona on Saturday, smashing flat-panel TV sets and "walking like Frankenstein" was eventually brought to heel by police using Tasers.

Now charged with two counts of assault for attacking officers, obstruction of justice with force, first-degree property damage and disorderly conduct, Chicagoan Jerome Charles Eberle, 39, tells police he barely remembers a thing about his rampage.

More from the Winona Daily News:

Police had been notified by a shopper inside the store who reported a man smashing big-screen televisions while saying "hammer, hammer, hammer" in a monotone voice. Another witness reported Eberle "had a glazed look in his eyes and was walking like Frankenstein," reports said.

Police chased Eberle through the store and he swung the hammer at one officer before police tasered him twice and took him into custody. One Winona police officer suffered a minor hand injury during the chase, police Sgt. Chris Nelson said.

Eberle was taken to a local hospital for observation.

The store was open again for business on Sunday.