Tarryl Clark's "Real Jims" mourn the loss of Michele Bachmann's "Fake Jim" [VIDEO]

Alas, poor Jim the Election Guy. We hardly knew ye.

Michele Bachmann has apparently dumped the character and the ad series in favor of more traditional attack ads on her opponent Tarryl Clark. Jim, his hair and his blazer were no where to be seen in the latest Bachmann ads.

Back in late August, Minnesota was introduced to "Jim the Election Guy," who promised to be there for us through the ups and downs of election season, pointing out Clark's many foibles. Like her tax on corn dogs. And a tax on crayons. "Tarryl loves taxes," he said. He was pithy, we'll give him that.

But while Jim was a little one note on taxes, the mocking was widespread. It was revealed that "Jim" is really Beau Peregino, an actor. Jim's corn dog ad got Bachmann in trouble for using the Minnesota State Fair's logo without permission. Then there was the oh-so tasty revelation that Peregino had gone out for the Banana Republic sponsored 'Mad Men' casting call.

And then, just like that, he was gone.

Bachmann's latest ads, aligning Clark with the health care overhaul and the Obama stimulus plan, are completely Jim-free. Also, the wardrobe isn't as snappy, and the script has significantly more syllables.

Clark, who previously ran a "Real Jims" ad with actual men named Jim who actually live in Bachmann's district, wasn't just going to let that go. She released her own epitaph ad, "R.I.P. Jim the Election Guy."

Here it is.

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