Tarryl Clark to state employees: No Adam Lambert for you, unless you have an excuse


Here's a move that looks great if you're a politician shoring up your family values street cred ahead of a battle against Michele Bachmann. But stop for a minute and consider the implications of Tarryl Clark's bill prohibiting state employees from patronizing motels where they can check out a "pornographic image or performance" on the TV. Good bye Adam Lambert, right? Unless, of course, there's nowhere else in town to stay.

State employees, constitutional officers, and members of the legislature may not use public funds to pay for the cost of lodging, training, meeting, or any other use of a facility that makes pornographic images or performances available to its patrons. This section does not apply when a compliant facility is not reasonably available and a written explanation of that circumstance is maintained with the record of payment. For the purposes of this section, "pornographic image or performance" means a sexually explicit image or performance that objectifies or exploits its subjects by eroticizing domination, degradation, or violence.