Tarryl Clark tars Michele Bachmann as being "in an oily hole"

Tarryl Clark and the Democrats are hitting Michele Bachmann and other congressional Republicans hard for their odd defense of BP and the toxic filth its blown out oil rig is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

"Michele Bachmann is in an oily hole. And she's still digging," Clark says today in The Hill, a day after a shot on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews (video below). "Bachmann can't seem to understand why her statements are so outrageous. Even Bill O'Reilly was perplexed, after Bachmann reiterated on 'The O'Reilly Factor' that the push to set up the fund was 'crossing a line.'"

Bachmann had originally let loose some wild accusations that President Barack Obama was somehow fleecing BP by having it set up an independent escrow account to handle claims against the company from its victims on the Gulf Coast. Then she tried to make the case that the independent fund would somehow be used for political purposes.

Clark pounced first with an ad that helped her campaign raise $30,000.

Then she went on "Hardball" (click here for Bachmann getting grilled by O'Reilly and Rivera):

After a week of getting raked over the coals, Bachmann has tried to cop a more conciliatory tone with her constituents, telling them in an e-mail yesterday:

Going forward, it's imperative that we focus our attention on figuring out a way to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf and make sure the victim's of this tragedy are fully compensated by BP, and not with one dime of taxpayer money. After all, BP must be held accountable.

The $20 billion fund that BP has agreed to set up will give those in the Gulf a little bit of breathing space to know that there will be money that people can access to compensate for their losses. However, it's important to understand that the fund is not necessarily an unending pot of money that the federal government can tap into however they see fit. Every dime of that fund must go to the victims of this awful tragedy. There are simply too many families depending on it.

But her original words live on. The Democratic National Committee, as promised, has roped her into a new ad running on cable news stations, tying her to Texas GOP Rep. Joe Barton's outrageous apology to BP for being forced to be held accountable for its actions. Here's that video:

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