Tarryl Clark smashes fundraising record

As Michele Bachmann joins forces with Sarah Palin this afternoon to mobilize the teabaggin' faithful, Bachmann's challengers are showing signs of vitality.

As we noted yesterday, Bachmann-challenger Tarryl Clark, a state senator from St. Cloud, brought her fundraising total up to $1.1 million after scoring $505,000 in the first three months of this year alone-- nearly double what DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg had raked in this time last election cycle.

Clark's feat is even more impressive when put in larger context. Her campaign has shattered the Minnesota U.S. House fundraising record for first quarter of an election year, Smart Politics, the U of M's politics blog, reports today. Her $505,000 surpasses Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen's previous high-water mark by more than $120,000.
Meanwhile, Dr. Maureen Reed--Bachmann's other challenger battling against Clark for the DFL nomination--today sent out a press release to coincide with the Bachmann-Palin pairing, lambasting the duo as "out of touch." Reed has yet to release her own fundraising figures, though we do know she had raised just under $575,000 by the end of '09 with nearly $390,000 cash-in-hand.  Her staff is keeping mum on where that figure now stands, but in an email to City Pages, communications director Trevor Willet sounded a confident  tone.

"We are still completing the accounting with our numbers for last quarter and will be releasing them before they're due on the 15th," he said. "But I can also say that we feel confident that we will have the resources to mount a strong primary campaign that not only ensures we are the Democrat candidate, but puts us in a great position to beat Bachmann in November."

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