Tarryl Clark raises $1.1M in bid to oust Michele Bachmann

Democrat Tarryl Clark announced today that she raised $505,000 in the first three months of the year in her bid to unseat Michele Bachmann. Add that to the $602,000 she raised in 2009, and she's hit $1.1 million total.

Clark, a state senator from St. Cloud, has already won the DFL endorsement. She's pitted against another Democrat, Dr. Maureen Reed, in the August primary that will decide which of the two will face Bachmann.  Neither Reed nor Bachmann have reported their fund raising figures. They have until April 15 to do so.

Bachmann's rising national profile coupled with her deranged, headline-grabbing ravings, have appeared to benefit Clark's coffers. At this point last election cycle, then-Bachmann challengers Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Olson had raised just $260,944 and $86,370 respectively.

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