Target Won't Pay Employee Erik Lundin's Workers' Comp

Back in April 2012, Erik Lundin was unloading a box from the top of a truck that had been packed heavier than it was supposed to be. He lost his balance, twisted and smashed into the side wall of the trailer. He ended up with three disc herniations in his upper back.

At first, Target took responsibility for the accident. But then they faltered when it came down to actually paying for things like physical therapy and medication. They had Lundin see a company doctor, who claimed Lundin was fine - he had no long-term issues, but he had to have a 50 pound lifting restriction. Not related to the sprain in his back.

So Lundin faced Target in court. After about a year and half, the judge ruled the retail giant was liable for Lundin's medical bills after all.

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Now, Target's continuing to space out, Lundin says. The company says it'll foot the bill for his medical bills, but they're taking their sweet time. And even though under workers' compensation law, the liable employer needs to pay two-thirds of all wages lost since the accident, Lundin hasn't seen a dime of that since September 2012.

His doctor prescribed him to continue physical therapy at a gym, and Target is neither paying for that nor reimbursing his mileage.

Lundin is still working for Target, doing a modified version of his old job that's still more than his medical restrictions allow, he says. He's hoping Target will honor his benefits, but over the last three months alone he's had to pay for gym membership and mileage out of his own pocket to the tune of about $700.

"Maybe they just don't like me. Maybe that's it," Lundin says. "There's no good legal reason why they're not paying. This is pretty consistent through Target."

Target declined to comment because of ongoing litigation.

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