Target sues gay rights group

Target's gay-rights public-relations meltdown just keeps on going.
Target's gay-rights public-relations meltdown just keeps on going.

The Target Corporation just can't seem to make nice to gay folks.

After months of terrible publicity over its funding of anti-gay-marriage political candidates, its subsequent sorry-if-you-took-that-the-wrong-way apology, and Lady Gaga's recent public split with the company over its failure to commit to gay rights, Target has now unveiled its latest diplomatic initiative: suing a gay rights group.

Yes, that's right. Target is suing San Diego-based activists Canvas for a Cause, and the trial starts today.

Apparently Canvas for a Cause, which collects signatures in support of gay marriage, tried to get some signatures outside some Target locations, and the retail giant didn't like it.

As usual, Target insists the lawsuit has nothing to do with Canvas for a Cause's icky gay agenda.

"Our legal action was in no way related to the cause of the organization and was done so to be consistent with our long-standing policy of providing a distraction-free shopping experience by not permitting solicitors at our stores," reads a company statement to the Associated Press.

Perhaps that's true. But the fact that Target can't seem to go more than a few weeks without generating headlines over its lousy relations with gay rights supporters suggests one of two things: either the $65-billion company has a team of trained monkeys managing it's P.R., or it really doesn't care if it looks like a big homophobic bully.

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