Target scrubs website of photoshop fail involving model's crotch [IMAGE]


UPDATE: Target got into hot water over photoshopping yet again, just weeks after this story broke, when another model was pictured with ridiculously long arms. Target did not make a statement regarding the issue, but the model did appear on Ellen to poke fun at the photo in question.

Target is no longer selling the leopard print version of the "Xhilaration" junior's swimsuit on its website, but not for reasons that have anything to do with the product itself.

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Instead, the item was pulled after a blog post on made light of a terrible photoshop job involving the swimsuit model's crotch and arms. (The photoshop failure was later picked up and brought to a wider audience by Jezebel.)

The screengrab at the top of this post shows you a closeup of the model's crotch, which features strange photoshopping between her legs creating the illusion her swimsuit is plastered to her inner thighs.

In addition, here's another screengrab clearly showing some sort of inhuman jagged skin triangle thing below her armpit:


A lot of customers probably didn't notice, however. Here's how the webpage looked un-zoomed:

We attempted to click through and check out the product post on Target's website for ourselves, but noticed the link led to a blank page. So we contacted the company to see if that's the result of a technical glitch or a decision to pull the image from the interwebs.

Sounds like it was the latter.

Asked what the deal with the blank webpage is, Target spokesperson Evan Miller told us, "We apologize and are working to address this issue on our site."

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