Target renames "Orina" sandal after learning word means urine in Spanish [IMAGE]

Suffice it to say the "Orina" name wasn't vetted by a Spanish speaker.
Suffice it to say the "Orina" name wasn't vetted by a Spanish speaker.

Just a week after apologizing for labeling a plus-size dress as "Manatee Gray", Target is again scrambling to relabel a regrettably named product.

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This time, it's about the line of "Orina" sandals available on the website. Target says the name was inspired by the Russian word for "peace," but as any Spanish speaker can tell you, one language's peace is another's pee -- "orina" means urine en Espanol.

"Realizing this name could be misinterpreted, we are taking steps to remove the name from the sandal," Target spokesperson Jessica DeeDe told the Huffington Post. The HuffPo reports that Target isn't alone -- many other brands sell "Orina" shoes.

The issue in this case isn't that the "Orina" name is offensive. Rather, it's that naming a shoe after the Spanish word for urine is flat-out sloppy.

"Does no one speak Spanish at Target HQ or have access to this thing we call Google?" Consumerist asks. Good question.

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