Target relaxes corporate dress code, now allows jeans

Target relaxes corporate dress code, now allows jeans

Target Corp. employees can now wear jeans -- to work!

That's because at the start of this week the company instituted a new "Dress for Your Day" policy that gives corporate workers the option to dress more casually (when appropriate).

"It's about giving team members choice and options for taking a look at their own day ahead of them and to determine what they should be wearing, whether that's jeans and a sweater, a blazer, or maybe a suit," company spokesperson Molly Synder told us, adding, with a smile, that the company's tried-and-true red-shirt-and-khaki-pants look remains "acceptable any day of the week."

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Target's dress code previously required employees to dress for business Monday through Thursday (no jeans allowed), with casual Fridays.

Asked what motivated the change, Synder said, "We recognize that to our team members being able to express themselves and make their own choices is important, and this is giving them the power to do that."

"The response has been really positive," she added.

Here's what Target's website says about the new dress code:

Target headquarters doesn't have a dress code per se--instead, we have a loose framework called "Dress for Your Day." What does "Dress for Your Day" mean? It's pretty simple. We ask that team members use good judgment when deciding what to wear to work, with just a few basic guidelines.

For example, a big day might call for something like a dress or a suit, or maybe even dressy jeans and a blazer. For a low-key day, jeans and a nice polo might be the answer. Target team members do a lot of volunteering, and on those days they show their Target pride by wearing a Target Volunteer t-shirt.

So if you see a lot more jeans in the skyway during the workday these days, now you know why.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A corporate memo obtained by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal contains a few more details about the new code.

From the Biz Journal:

Of course, there are still a few no-nos: heavily worn shoes, flip flops or Birkenstock-style sandals; clothing with potentially offensive words or graphics; shorts, overalls, sweats, workout clothes or jogging suits; and hats or caps (unless it's a medical necessity).

For women, halter tops and sheer or revealing clothing are still off-limits. Also banned are spaghetti-strap tops or dresses unless covered by a jacket or sweater, and leggings unless worn with an appropriate-length dress, skirt or top.

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