Target pulls Valentine's Day bear so you don't poison your lover with lead


Ah yes, our favorite holiday. Valentine's Day! Why not spice it up by giving your loved one a little lead poisoning too? It really adds to the magic we all feel when we receive a crappy stuffed animal from our significant other instead of real affection.

Apparently a stuffed Valentine's Day "Message Bear" at Target had lead levels nearly 10 times the federal limit. Target has pulled the toys from shelves, but won't say how many were already sold.

Target made the move after California Attorney General Jerry Brown sent a letter stating that testing of the toy showed high levels of lead that violated the law. The toys were only sold at Target as part of their in-house brand. There was a pink stuffed bear with "XOXO" across the chest and a brown stuffed bear with "I Love U" across the chest.

This might be the first time America insists you avoid giving your loved ones a crappy stuffed animal. No one wants Valentine's Day consumer guilt poisoning people, right?

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