Target pulls offensive "Illegal Alien" costume

Forget offensive, this costume is just dumb.

​Target has pulled a Halloween costume that some in the Latino community found offensive.

The costume showed a space alien carrying a green card and included a prison-like jumpsuit with "Illegal Alien" stamped across the front.

When word of the costume got out, several Latino groups publicly complained that the costume was insensitive.

Executive director of the Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights, Angelica Salas, called the costume "distasteful, mean-spirited, and ignorant..." Lizette Olmos, national communications director for the League of United Latin American Citizens, referred to the costume as "really disturbing"

Target says that the costume was never intended to be on the website and blames the mistake on human error during data entry.


According to the Star Tribune:

Target spokesman Joshua Thomas said the item was put on its website by mistake when an employee entered a wrong number into the system. Target has a strict review process with its vendors, he said. "We apologize. This was never intended to be part of our assortment. We are moving as quickly as possible to remove it from our website."

Target started getting complaints Thursday afternoon, Thomas said, but the costume was still online Friday evening. Target's website is managed by, and Thomas said it could take as long as 48 hours to take it down.

This is exactly the kind of divisive issue that a major brand like Target should want no part of, says media adviser 

The costume was also for sale at Walgreens and Amazon, according to CNN. Amazon had taken down the full-body costume by Sunday evening, but still offered this equally offensive mask.

But you can still find the costume on eBay, if you are intent on using Halloween to voice your opposition to immigration and/or advertise your love of Will Smith's Men in Black.

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