Target launches smart Facebook campaign tied to charity


It's one thing to be hip on social media marketing, but it's a whole other beast to do it and look really good in the process. While some companies seem to be using Facebook pages as pure advertising tools, Target is being a little more sly by giving their fans the ability to help pick where the company's charitable donations go for one week. The Facebook votes will directly correlate to the company's division of donations.

Here is how it works: Anyone who is a Facebook fan of Target can vote once a day for the charity they want Target to donate to. Target donates 5 percent of its income to charity, which comes to $3 million a week.

When voting ends May 25, Target will donate along the percentage lines to those 10 charities. For example, if Red Cross gets 15 percent of the vote, Target will donate $450,000 to them.

In addition to the interactive giving application, fans can publish their donation choice on their Facebook page, which increases Target's reach through social networking. They will likely gain more followers of their page as people are interested in voting for their favorite cause.

Clever, right? Any time you can make people believe they are doing something good by just clicking a button, you've got them trapped. (via)