Target, high school streakers, and swine offend everybody

If you see a guy wearing this costume on Halloween, he probably watches Lou Dobbs

If you see a guy wearing this costume on Halloween, he probably watches Lou Dobbs

Target has pulled a Halloween costume that some in the Latino community found offensive.

The costume showed a space alien carrying a green card and included a prison-like jumpsuit with "Illegal Alien" stamped across the front.

When word of the costume got out, several Latino groups publicly complained that the costume was insensitive.

Target says that the costume was never intended to be on the website and blames the mistake on human error during data entry.

Anti-immigrant groups are now asking followers to buy up the Illegal Alien costume from Amazon and other retailers and wear it on Halloween to make a statement. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC President William Gheen is even offering to wear the costume during media interviews this week.

"The illegal alien supporting groups in America are attacking free speech once again," Gheen announced. "These are the same types of people that are trying to ban Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck from television. They want to control what people can see, hear, say, or even wear for Halloween in pursuit of their open-borders agenda."

The costume was also for sale at Walgreens and Amazon. Amazon had taken down the full-body costume by Sunday evening, but still offered an equally offensive mask.

But you can still find the original Illegal Alien costume for sale on eBay, if you are intent on using Halloween to voice your opposition to immigration and/or advertise your love of Will Smith's Men in Black. —Kevin Hoffman

Nation vetoes Pawlenty

There's a new poll out from Rasmussen Reports on 2012 GOP candidates, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty came in at a depressingly low 4 percent of the vote among likely Republican voters.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won with 29 percent of the vote. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney finished second with 24 percent and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin pulled in 18 percent. The poll included 750 likely 2012 GOP voters.

Pawlenty did get the most votes in one question: Regardless of who you would vote for, which candidate would you least like to see win the Republican nomination in 2012? Not good for the guv. He got 28 percent of the vote. That's even more than Palin.

Pawlenty is still working the national circuit trying to up his profile, and we have to cut him some slack. The poll included Pawlenty with all people likely to already be household names from their previous positions or attempts to run for national office last year. Pawlenty is the Little Engine That Could. —Emily Kaiser

Swine contract "human flu"

Remember when we poked fun at all the horny kids spreading H1N1 at the Minnesota State Fair? It looks like the fair's pigs were getting in on the sickness, too.

That's right. A pig from the State Fair tested positive for H1N1, says the USDA, the first confirmed case of a pig contracting H1N1 in the United States.

The pig didn't show any sign of being sick, but officials are looking into a possible spread of the flu from the 4-H kids who were all sick at the fair. No link has been found yet.

The tests came from a CDC research project at the University of Minnesota to track the flu virus in places like state fairs where humans interact regularly with pigs.

Remember: You cannot get H1N1 from eating pork and pork products. —Emily Kaiser

Losing streak

It's official: High school kids are no longer allowed to have any fun. Seriously. High school streakers are sex offenders?! Give us a break.

One St. Francis teen who was caught streaking at a high school football game might be charged as a sex offender. How does that add up, you ask? He could be charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct for exposing himself to a minor under the age of 16. He would have to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

St. Francis High School is so fed up with streakers that they are doubling police presence at the last home game of the year. There have been five students caught streaking at three games this year. In addition to being charged as sex offenders, they could be suspended, banned from school activities, or expelled. —Emily Kaiser

Drunk mom

A drunk mom in Neenah, Wisconsin, managed to drive through four yards, hitting a chain-link fence and a tree on her way to pick up her son at school. Police finally caught up with her at the liquor store buying more alcohol before going to pick up her son at middle school.

The 46-year-old woman was caught after someone called 911 to report her erratic driving. The caller said they saw the car hop a curb and go through a yard around 3:15 p.m.

In addition to her other driving stunts, she almost smashed into a house. When police found her, she didn't remember any crashes and denied drinking. Her car had four flat tires, no passenger side mirror, and damage on both sides.

She eventually admitted to drinking too much and was found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.31. That's almost four times the legal limit. —Emily Kaiser