Target fires ad agency Wieden & Kennedy [VIDEO]

Fresh off news that Santa gave Target a lump of coal this Christmas, the company is making changes.

Target has dropped Portland-based Wieden and Kennedy, the company's lead advertising agency for the past six years.

In a statement, Shawn Gensch, Target's vice president of marketing, said:

Target is proud of what we accomplished with the Wieden and Kennedy team. Looking forward, we are focused on continuing to identify fresh and innovative ways to tell Target's brand story, and will leverage both our internal expertise and our strong roster of agency partners to help accomplish our marketing goals in 2012 and beyond.

Wieden & Kennedy was responsible for the polarizing "Christmas Champ" commercials that you may have seen during each of the last couple holidays seasons. On a Star Tribune comment thread, most respondents cited their distaste for the commercials as a reason they support Target's decision to change ad firms.

One commenter said:

This is a good move. In the past, Target commercials were a little edgy --and made me want to shop there. But this Christmas ad campaign was absolutely bizarre -- and obnoxious.

Another commenter cited Target's less-than-expected holiday sales and said he took the move to drop Weiden & Kennedy as a signal that company management is "attempting to do something about it."

As for whether the company's recent Christmas commercials were any good or not, you be the judge. Here's one that ran this past holiday season:

And another:

Hard to believe there isn't an ad agency in Minneapolis capable of doing better, no?

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