Target Field will passive aggressively scold you for 'indecent clothing,' 'foul language'

Don't get caught cussing at Target Field.

Don't get caught cussing at Target Field. Twitter: @DawnAtFOX9

Congruent with Major League Baseball rules, foul balls are tolerated at Target Field. Foul language, however, is not.

Fox 9 anchor/reporter Dawn Mitchell illustrated as much Tuesday with an exasperated tweet. 

As you can see, the tweet features a photo of her friend hoisting a MINNESOTA TWINS GUEST CODE OF CONDUCT leaflet, which rattles off bullet points of no-nos at Target Field. (Congruent with MLB rules, no-hitters -- or "no-nos" -- are tolerated at Target Field.)

Among the things deemed unacceptable by Twins brass: 

  • "Obscene or indecent clothing will not detract from the guest experience"
  • "Displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting"
  • "Impaired or intoxicated guests"

A bit puritanical and subjective (Only God can judge the decency of my clothing, as Tupac famously said), but almost verbatim fan-conduct policies exist throughout the league -- Milwaukee, fittingly, dedicates three sub-bullet points related to alcohol. 

And the leaflets, those beautifully on-brand avatars for our state's passive aggression, are not formal citations, Twins PR chief Dustin Morse tells us. 

"Target Field is a family friendly-environment and the card is just to reinforce our policy enforcement," he says, adding that they're handed out "frequently." They're soft punishments, since the Twins reserve the right to "deny or immediately revoke admission" of those found in violation of the code. 

So there ya have it: Locker room talk will be met with written reprimands when cheering on your first-place Minnesota Twins (70-43), who are currently losing 6-0 to the Atlanta Braves at Target Field. Goddamnit!