Target-festooned Twins think another ad lacks civic mindedness

Let's see if we have this right. The Minnesota Twins play at Target Field underneath a gargantuan Budweiser sign visible from the the entire neighborhood.

They are surrounded by advertising logos inside the ballpark, and fans walk through Target Plaza to get to games.

Yet they're stunned, just stunned, at the crass advertising ploy being foisted on their fans in the form of a Sanford Health ad banner being hung from the Target Center by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

We've been "ambushed," cried Twins President Dave St. Peter.

Hennepin County Board chair Mike Opat said the sign will "cheapen" the spirit of the place.

City Council member Lisa Goodman is "disgusted."

And Minnesota Ballpark Authority director Dan Kenney says it will pollute "the public realm."

The horror!

Oh for cryin' out loud, Timberwolves president Chris Wright more or less reminds everyone, we're talking about bought and paid for, Target-branded civic space here.

"Target Plaza itself is one big ad," the Twins are no less of a business than the Timberwolves, and the NBA team scored big with the deal.

"We have the authority and the right to take advantage of a terrific development that occurred behind our building," he told MinnPost. "The new ballpark has brought a great deal of opportunity to this part of the Warehouse District and we celebrate that."

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