Target donating $500M to child literacy program

Who doesn't love children's books?

Who doesn't love children's books?

After its horrific anti-gay debacle earlier this year, Target has apparently decided to put big money in a cause we can ALL get behind: reading. The Minneapolis-based company announced plans this morning to donate $500 million to support education.

The money will go to a new effort called its Read With Me program, designed to help children become super-readers by third grade. Research suggests that third grade is the all-important age when kids stop learning to read, and start reading to learn. Target has pledged to donate 2 million books to needy kids, and to create a reading center in the Twin Cities that will also have an online presence.

We have to say, we like the feel-good nature of this donation--especially after the ugliness that ensued when Target donated to Tom Emmer, the Republican candidate for governor.


But everything isn't sunny at Target. As the PR team unveiled the reading plan this morning, a judge in California issued a temporary injunction against the company accusing it of illegally disposing of hazardous waste in violation of the state's environmental laws.

Los Angeles and California prosecutors say the injunction "alleges that the retail chain illegally disposed of hazardous consumer products that were returned or damaged," according to the Los Angeles Times.