Target Customers Who Don't Know How to Use Shopping Baskets Goes Viral

You're doing that wrong

You're doing that wrong

It started as a picture posted by reddit user gatorb888 showing a lady using an entire empty rack as a handle to drag one shopping basket through Target.

"That's not how that works," reads the caption, imploring the unknown woman to reconsider her absurd decision as she ponders the Minneapolis-based retailer's vast array of mayonnaise choices. See also: Target's Line of "Up and Up" Herbal Supplements Were Not on the Up and Up

Soon the reddit hive mind went whirring into action, dredging up similar photos from other corners of the internet. People began to wonder: Is this actually a thing? This might be a thing.

Buzzfeed called it "actually quite an impressive level of fail," and Target shoppers' lazy idiocy officially went viral.

We failed to catch any shoppers abusing basket racks on a run to the northeast Minneapolis Target last night, so we grabbed a few employees and asked them if basket-dragging is common around these parts.

"Uh, no," said a man in a yellow vest pulling carts inside. "That's pretty weird, I guess."


"I don't think so," said a different man stocking the home goods section. "I can't really comment on that though."

Elisabeth, who was working at the customer service checkout aisle, was the most loquacious.

"Maybe they don't know any better, or maybe it really is easier to drag that around, who knows? Strange though," she said, laughing along with a male co-worker.

"I can't say I've ever seen that before."

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