Tara Ann Sickels, charged with DWI, pretended to be pregnant at traffic stop


So a woman gets pulled over driving a pickup truck drunk with a toddler in the rear seat. She proceeds to tell the officer she is nine months pregnant and due in four days. Now she says she just made that up. We're scratching our heads wondering why she thought making up a pregnancy would help her case in this situation. Pulling the pregnancy card might get you out of some other dicey problems in life (or so we've been told) but this seems like a time it will only make your life worse.

Tara Ann Sickels, 24, of Fairmont, is charged with two counts of felony drunk driving. According to the criminal complaint, police received a tip that there was a drunk woman driving a pickup truck with a child inside.

Police stopped a pickup truck matching the description 15 minutes later when the driver passed them on the road. Sure enough there was a toddler in the back seat.

Sickels then proceeded to lift up her shirt and tell the officer she was pregnant and due in four days. But just kidding. She now says she made it up.

She had blood alcohol concentration of .17 on the scene. Two hours later a breath test showed her BAC at .15. She has been arrested three other times for drunk driving.