Tania Harris, 18-Year-Old High School Student, Charged With Assault After Being Shot by Police


Black Lives Matter dropped its original claim that Tania was unarmed when she was shot

Black Lives Matter backed off its claim that cops were lying about 18-year-old Tania Harris having a knife when she was shot last Thursday night, but her family and their supporters are still outraged.

They argue even though she did have a knife, police could've used a less dangerous weapon like a taser or pepper spray, or at least warned her before shooting her twice in the stomach.

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"This situation, it was unmerited," her father, Melik Tolbert, told KSTP. "She's not a violent person and so they should've at least had some words for her before they pulled a weapon or used a bullet to respond."

Black Lives Matter claims after Tania was shot Thursday night, she was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car instead of receiving immediate medical attention, and her family was not allowed to visit her at North Memorial hospital while she recovered.

Friday afternoon Harris was charged with second-degree assault.

An hour after the assault charge was publicized, hundreds organized by Black Lives Matter marched to the doors of North Memorial Hospital, where police relented and allowed Tania's family to visit her.

Here's the cop's version of the events that led up to Tania getting shot:

Tania had been arguing with another woman all day. Police were called to the apartment building where Tania lives a little before 6 p.m.

When police arrived, the woman was talking with Tania's mom at the front door and two of the woman's friends were sitting in a car parked at the curb.

One officer went to talk with the friends and another officer headed to the front door. Without warning, Tania burst through the front door with a large kitchen knife screaming "I'm going to kill you bitch!" and started chasing the woman.

The woman ran to hide behind the officer standing near her friend's car. The officer told Tania to stop and drop the knife, but she didn't listen, so the officer shot her twice.

At the hospital two witnesses overheard Tania telling people she got shot because she was chasing someone with a knife.

That's the police's story.

Tania's mother, Kim Harris, told the Star Tribune Tania had the knife because she was really scared the woman and her two friends were going to jump her.

Kim and Tania's seven-year-old sister, who also witnessed the shooting, say police never told Tania to put down her knife and that she was standing, not running, within five feet of the officer when she was shot.

Tania's parents say they're planning a lawsuit and a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for her $50,000 bail.

The officer involved in the shooting is expected to be named today. Click to page two to read the charges against Tania for yourself.

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