Tan Mom sent to detox for public drunkenness at MSP

Last year, Tan Mom told NBC: "I'm sorry, I'm tan. I like to be tan. It just feels good."
Last year, Tan Mom told NBC: "I'm sorry, I'm tan. I like to be tan. It just feels good."

Tan Mom spent last night at a Twin Cities detox facility after she landed at MSP drunk as tanning-bed-fried skunk.

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Who is Tan Mom, you ask? Well, her real name is Patricia Krentcil, and we're writing about her because in the spring of 2012, she became a pop culture sensation for about 15 minutes after she allegedly took her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning bed in New Jersey.

And really, who can blame her? After all, as the banner photo indicates, long hours in tanning beds has really paid dividends for Krentcil.

TMZ details what happened yesterday at MSP:

T.M. had a layover in Minneapolis and decided to leave the airport's secure area to grab a smoke. To her dismay, TSA wouldn't let her back in, and the mood turned as dark as her. Tan Mom went ballistic.

TSA agents had a sneaking suspicion she was wasted -- because she was totally wasted. They took her to airport police, who then gave Ms. Mom an ultimatum -- either go to jail for public intoxication, or spend 30 hours in a detox facility. Wisely, Tan Mom chose door #2.

Thirty hours, eh? That means (assuming you're reading this on Friday) Tan Mom is still in the Twin Cities, and should be released sometime early tomorrow. Wanna meet her before she heads back east? You know where to go.

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