Tamitha Hecker keeps the jewels

What, with all the fuss over Ponzi schemer Tom Petters being sentenced to life in prison today, it would be easy to forget that Denny Hecker, another Minnesota Tycoon Hall of Shame candidate, just got more bad news, too: His bankruptcy judge told him he stays on the hook for $767 million in personal debts.

In a separate agreement with the bankruptcy trustee, Tamitha Hecker, Denny's fourth wife, found out she gets to keep jewelry valued at more than $1 million, a pile of cash and a couple of cars. And Hecker's current girlfriend, Christie Rowan, gets to keep a pet dog valued at $30,000. (You read that last part right.)

Then there's this whole weird story about Hecker's mystery $125,000 401(K) benefactor -- the person who's so desperate to keep his or her identity a secret that it's worth a 10-page legal memo.

Meanwhile, his fraud trial in federal court gets going in October.

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