Take Credit for Learning

The 1998 Take Credit for Learning program offers a tax credit and/or deduction to parents who purchase educational materials and services for their children. You may receive a tax credit of up to $1,000 per child (maximum of $2,000 per family) for money spent assisting your child's K-12 education.

Qualifying expenses include: tutoring by a licensed teacher/qualified instructor; fees paid to others for school transportation; after-school enrichment programs like science exploration or study habits; academic books and materials required during regular nonreligious school classes; home computer hardware, educational software, and internet access up to $200.

You qualify if your household income is $33,500 or less and you have children in grades K-12 attending public, private, or homeschool. All families, regardless of income, can also take advantage of the state's tax deduction for educational expenses. If you qualify, you may use the deduction for educational expenses that exceed the amount of credit. Even if you don't pay taxes, you can still receive this refundable credit by simply filing a state tax return.

Keep all educational expense receipts for 1998. You'll receive the credit and/or deduction by filing your state and federal income tax returns. Look for the dollar sign in the apple logo on your 1998 state tax form to claim your tax credit.

For more information, call the Minnesota Department of Revenue, 296-3781 or 800-652-9094.

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