Tailgating at Badgers game next month will cost you big bucks


The Gopher football stadium has football fans pretty pumped, but some people are more excited to get sloshed in the parking lot outside. If that's your plan for the Oct. 3 game against Wisconsin, expect to pay good money to snag one of the limited tailgating spots outside the stadium.

The game is already sold out, but the parking lot spots could cost you even more. Some scalping sites are listing parking places for as much as $350. In case you didn't realize, the Gopher stadium is built on what once were giant parking lots. Now those don't exist. The parking spaces were only given to season ticket holders and some required a donation to the University as well.

Ticket King says this is the only market where people are willing to pay so much for a tailgate spot. Tickets for the actual game on scalping sites range from $163 to $600+.

University of Minnesota officials aren't stupid. They know these tickets are going to Wisconsin Badgers fans willing to pay serious cash to cheer on their own team in the opponent's new stadium.

"Some people are trying to make back their season ticket price by selling them to Badger fans which I don't want them to do. We want that place to be full of maroon and gold," said U of M Athletics Director Joel Maturi in KSTP.

Watch the KSTP report here:

Alcoholics who use sports as an excuse to start drinking before lunchtime might want to take note: TCF Stadium has some of the strictest stadium drinking policies in the country and you won't be served an ounce of booze once you are inside. We recommend staying in those parking lots.