T-Wolves video maestro opens up about awesome "#PekGoesToo" clip [VIDEO]

Who knew Pek had such cultivated hobbies?

Who knew Pek had such cultivated hobbies?

One day before the Western Conference All-Star reserves were announced, fans in attendance at the T-Wolves game Wednesday night got a special treat.

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During a timeout, the team debuted a very cool video meant to promote Nikola Pekovic's All-Star prospects. The premise is the big guy will get a bad case of the sads if he's left behind while his best bud, All-Star starter Kevin Love, heads to New Orleans for the festivities.

In order to keep Pek's spirits up, fans were subtly encouraged to hop on their favorite social media sites and promote the #PekGoesToo hashtag.

Without further ado, here's the clip:

The video was a huge hit with the Target Center faithful. Fans gave it an ovation as the jumbotron showed K-Love and a smiling, embarrassed-looking Big Pek sharing a laugh.

Timberwolves Director of Entertainment Chad Folkestad said Pek personally expressed his approval after the game.

"I was walking by and he said, 'You guys did that, didn't you?' I was like, 'admit it, you liked it,' and he laughed," Folkestad said. "He was acting like he was going to be contentious, but he really liked the video."

Folkestad said the idea for "#PekGoesToo" came to him as soon as he heard K-Love was voted in as a starter.

"We wondered if there was a way we could make it about Pek, in regards to it being this sort of sad story," Folkestad said, adding that he and the editors he collaborates with often model their video shorts on movie trailers.

"You can almost hear a movie guy going, 'Coming this summer!'" Folkestad said. "It's something almost everybody can related to."

Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a completely happy ending. Pek didn't make the All-Star game, and even worse, he probably wouldn't have played anyway since he went on the shelf with a nagging ankle injury a couple days before the video's debut.

But even if Pek has to spend All-Star weekend on the mend and without K-Love, Folkestad said the project was a success.

"It gave the crowd an opportunity to applaud Pek for his accomplishments before All-Star names were announced and gave him that spotlight," Folkestad said. "You let the player feel that reaction from the crowd, the fans got to surround each other with positivity, Twitter blew up... had we not done the video they wouldn't have voiced that."

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