T-Wolves so awful, you'll be more entertained by the fans

T-Wolves so awful, you'll be more entertained by the fans
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You know your sports team is pathetic when people start making lists of people to watch at the games other than the players themselves. Are people really paying to stare at each other?

We know the pain quite well. When CP's Bradley Campbell went to a recent game, he seemed more excited about the mascot Beyonce dance than anything basketball related. Something is going terribly wrong.

So you're sitting in the torture chamber that is the Target Center. How do you make the time fly by? Check out the weirdos and hotties sitting in the seats.

The T-Wolves Blog posted their "Top Ten People to Watch at Target Center". Our very own Wolves blogger Benjamin Polk even makes the list!

We've pulled out some of our favorites, but check out the full Top 10 here. The best part: Some of us haven't attended a Wolves game since the '90s and several of these people were pulling the same tricks back then. Some things never change.

10. "Hoopman" - Kids love him, CW & I hate him, he's the ever-entertaining/obnoxious "HoopMan". You know, the dude who walks around with a basket on his back and gets the crowd to cheer louder for him than the actual game. He is especially entertaining when he cups his ears or puts his fingers by his mouth to make a "let's hear you whistle" gesture. As TWB forum member "Pants" said: "@#$%ing Hoop guy...His demeanor kills me... a combination of cool nonchalantness while being very serious about selecting who he throws the ball to based on their cheering". Yes, I am glad to know that College Wolf & I aren't the only ones who think Hoopman views himself as a little too cool and important.

8. "Natalie/Mike" (three and four from left)- These are the Wolves P.R. people, or whatever you call them. Many people refer to Mike as "Wally" because he looks a lot like Mr. Szczerbiak. I refer to him as "Meathead Mike" because he consistently gets a little too amped up for the t-shirt toss, which always ends with him chucking the last shirt as far as he can; exposing his midriff as he wildly throws his whole body into it, and just missing the upper deck. And Natalie is um... attractive.

4. "Bill Beise aka 'Superfan' aka 'Coach'" (far right) - You all know him, the guy that kneels courtside the entire game, banging away on the court with his program. Enough said.

Who are your favorite people to watch at the games? We used to sit behind Kirby Puckett and would count the new fat rolls on his neck when the game got particularly boring.

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