T-Wolves' ridiculous rash of injuries prompts TimberTrolls to design new team logo [IMAGE]

Pekovic's injury marked the fourth straight game the Wolves lost a player, and had fans asking: 'Why, basketball gods, why?'
Pekovic's injury marked the fourth straight game the Wolves lost a player, and had fans asking: 'Why, basketball gods, why?'

Last season, the Spain-based Minnesota TimberTrolls won our hearts with awesome photoshop work, cool video clips, and their undying love of Ricky Rubio.

The Trolls are at it again this year, and this week they created a new team logo in commemoration of the Wolves' ridiculous rash of injuries.

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With Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love already on the shelf, the Wolves have now played four straight games where other key players have left with injuries -- J.J. Barea, Brandon Roy, Chase Budinger, and on Monday, Nikola Pekovic. That means the Wolves have a six-deep injury list that could probably compete for a playoff spot if healthy.

Thankfully, out of the four most recent injuries, it appears only Budinger will be out for an extended period of time -- three to four months after undergoing surgery on a torn meniscus yesterday. Pekovic -- a bruising big man who slimmed down over the summer and seems poised to have a breakout season -- stepped on Vince Carter's foot and twisted one of his historically troublesome ankles during Monday night's tilt against the Dallas Mavericks, but told reporters after the game that he thinks he's okay. Wolves reporters said yesterday that they'll have more information about Big Pek to pass along today.

Nonetheless, the Wolves have had to deal with an almost unheard of string of injuries while surprisingly winning five of their first seven games. And in commemoration of that fact, here's the new logo the TimberTrolls came up with:

On a similar note, the Trolls offered up the following tweet following the Pekovic injury:

Hopefully Crunch will be able to take off his bandage, tuck in his tongue, and get some color back in those eyes soon. But if he can't, at least the TimberTrolls are around to help us laugh away the pain that's part and parcel of rooting for a seemingly snake-bitten franchise.

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