T-Paw is pumped to drink cheap beer at the Wild opener

C'mon Tim, we know you can afford a Summit at least.
C'mon Tim, we know you can afford a Summit at least.

Tim Pawlenty now works as a lobbyist for America's biggest banks. But that doesn't mean he's too high and mighty to drink cheap bear at the hockey game.

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Pawlenty -- like many others in the State of Hockey, especially service industry workers near the Xcel Center -- is geeked about tomorrow night's Wild home opener. We are too, but if you're still bitter about the lockout and not totally jazzed to get your first look at what promises to be one of the most exciting teams in franchise history, check out this video countdown of blockbuster acquisition Zach Parise's top 10 goals, then come back and read the rest of this.

Anyway, here's what Pawlenty, an avid beer enthusiast, told the Washington Free Beacon when asked what his plans are for Wild opening night.

"I'll be there with a cold beer in my hand; doesn't matter what kind as long as it's cold," he said.

Pawlenty, a Wild season ticket holder, also talked about his high hopes for this year's squad: "We have a Stanley Cup-level team, line for line it's as good a team as you'll find in the NHL."

But T-Paw, ever the shrewd politician, hedged when asked whether his recent relocation to D.C. (he splits his time between there and Minnesota) has him considering rooting for the Washington Capitals.

"I haven't had a chance to see D.C. hockey fever, but I look forward to being a part of that," he said, though he still "likes [the Wild's] odds" if they match up with the Caps in the Stanley Cup Finals (due to the lockout-shortened schedule, Western Conference teams won't play Eastern Conference teams during the regular season).

So if you're heading to tomorrow night's game, you might have a chance to share a brew with T-Paw himself. Maybe he'll buy -- he probably should, given all the dough he's raking in these days.

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