T-Paw gets help from his Hollywood friends

​Probably the most hilarious aspect of contemporary American conservatism is the near-lethal dose of doublethink that courses through its proverbial veins. For example: who hasn't heard right-wingers characterize all of Hollywood as a cabal of communists conniving to convert the "real America" into plantation of socialist zombies? And yet Hollywood has produced two Republican governors of California, one of whom went on to become a two-term president and conservative icon. One of the greatest Hollywood actors of his generation presided over the NRA for half a decade. If anyone can come up with three liberal screen actors with that kind of influence on the nation's political scene, we're all ears.

In yet another example of the Right's love-hate relationship with Hollywood, presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty will welcome Screen Actors Guild members Jon Voight and Kelsey Grammer to the Hilton Minneapolis today for a fundraising extravaganza. The gala will kick off the Minnesota governor's leadership PAC.


Voight will appear in person and warn those present that America "is at a clear crossroads," according to Variety. The star of Frasier couldn't make it in person to the real America, so instead will offer some words of encouragement via speakerphone, presumably from his Beverly Hills mansion.

Things are expected to get extra-crazy tomorrow when Voight joins forces with Michele Bachmann to storm the U.S. Capitol to try to stop health care reform. We'll keep you posted.