Synthetic marijuana bans spread to Princeton and Hastings

K2 smokers, watch your back in these towns.
K2 smokers, watch your back in these towns.

As we predicted in July, the days of getting legally high on synthetic marijuana are increasingly numbered.

Duluth was the first domino to fall, passing a city-wide ban on several common synthetic cannabinoid compounds.

Then, last week, Princeton followed suit, with city councilors denouncing the products as "dangerous" and saying they'd rather be "proactive than reactive."

Now Hastings is considering a measure that would do the same. That proposal is being driven by Stacy Huberty, a Hastings resident whose son was sent to the hospital after smoking some synthetic pot while on leave from an marijuana addiction treatment program in June.

Hastings Mayor Paul Hicks is inclined to leve the issue to the legislature, but Huberty says the issue can't wait.

The dominoes are likely to keep falling. State lawmakers have pledged to introduce legislation banning the products statewide in the coming session, and the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy may take action even sooner.

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