Synthetic drug ban will go into effect Friday, judge orders

The head shops' lawyer says he'll fight the decision.

The head shops' lawyer says he'll fight the decision.

A Hennepin County judge denied a motion to delay the ban on synthetic drugs today, meaning the Minnesota law will go into effect Friday as planned.

The motion was filed by a collective of head shops that have been diligently fighting to keep synthetics legal. They filed a lawsuit against the state of Minnesota earlier this week, arguing that the ban is unconstitutional and not supported by scientific research.


"It's just based on stories that have no scientific backup," Marc Kurzman, attorney for the head shops, told us in an interview earlier this week.

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the ban into law in late May, less than two months after a mass overdose of 2C-E -- a legal synthetic -- in Blaine that left a 19-year-old dead. The ban is extremely broad, criminalizing everything from synthetic pot to bath salts.

In his order, the judge denied allegations that the law was unreasonably vague. He also cited that the executive director of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy testified to the Legislature of the dangers of synthetics, so the ban isn't completely without scientific backing.

Kurzman disputes several pieces of the judge's ruling, and already has plans to fight the judge's order.

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