Swimsuit-clad gal sunbathes at snowy Lake of the Isles [PHOTO]

Oh, Minnesnowta...

Oh, Minnesnowta...

Somebody is really, really ready for spring.

A friend of the City Pages passed along the photo at the top of this post. It was taken by Kelly B. at Lake of the Isles on Sunday, when temperatures rose all the way up into the 50s.

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For Christ's sake, Florida

In fairness, that's downright tropical in the wake of the winter we just endured.

Unfortunately, the extended forecast indicates the Lake of the Isles sunbather will have to put away her swimsuit until next Monday, when temperatures will finally rise above 50 degrees once again.

With more of the ice melted by then, we half expect to see her skinny dipping.

h/t -- Katie Nelson

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